Home Window & Door Security 2020

Responsible and proactive property owners are taking their home security setups to the next level with security screens and security shutters. And given the number of burglaries, robberies and home invasions that occur each year in the United States, it’s easy to see why. These thief-proof additions provide a buffer of protection that has become more mainstream in safeguarding families from forces that may be lurking just outside a window or door.

Fort Worth motorized security shutters

Many Homes Are Easy Targets

With our world in a constant state of flux and insecurity, riots becoming normalized, and the economy on the decline, 2020 is the time for homeowners to expand their home security to be its most effective in keeping out would-be criminals. Security screens and security shutters are a popular concept for securing residential homes, and they are super effective at doing what they’re designed to do: keeping families safe. When crooks are looking for a way into the home, they prefer the easiest routes of entry, which makes both security screens and security shutters a visual deterrent for burglars who may pass up homes with these components installed in search of an easier target.

Reducing Property Crimes

Around 56.7 percent of burglaries in the U.S. in 2018 involved forcible entry, according to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting stats. A burglary occurs once every 13 seconds. There were an estimated 282,000 robberies in 2018, with around 43 percent of those undertaken by bad guys using strong-arm tactics. Knives, cutting instruments firearms and other dangerous weapons were present in around 46 percent of burglaries. Security screens and security shutters can reduce the number of property crimes in Texas neighborhoods each year by making it harder for these weapon-wielding crooks to enter homes unlawfully.

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How Do Security Shutters and Security Screens Work?

Security shutters cover the home’s windows and doors to prevent breakage, breach and access by people who are up to no good. The shutter rolls up into a simple box over the window or door that holds the shutter out of sight, allowing full view of the window or use of the door until the shutter is deployed, forming a barrier between the outside and inside of the home. In addition to preventing intrusion from outdoors, security shutters can also guard against sun damage and damage from severe weather—even hurricanes. Open and close the shutters with remote control access for ease of use.

Security screens are based on the same concept—preventing intruders from entering a specific area. Security screens prevent burglaries and home invasions while adding to the home’s aesthetics. These screens are made from material that cannot be cut with a razor, making them ideal for installing on patios, windows and sun rooms where they allow air and light into the area without sacrificing safety.

Security Screens installed on Texas home

Foil Smart Crooks

Many of today’s criminals can easily bypass home security systems and alarms in minutes. With security screens and security shutters in place, Fort Worth homeowners are finding out how to create a nearly impenetrable shield to keep bad guys outside where they belong.

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