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Storm Patio Shades

Storm Smart® Storm Catcher Screens

Security Shutter & Screens are pleased to offer the Storm Smart® Storm Catcher Screen series. Storm Smart offers advanced hurricane protection to your home from high winds and flying debris during a storm. On clear, sunny days you can also deploy the screens to help protect your home from UV rays which over time will fade furniture. This helps to make your home more energy efficient.

Storm Smart® storm patio shades / hurricane screens are easy to install and have been proven to withstand 150 mph winds to shield your home from these destructive forces of nature. They are made with an innovative monfilament fabric that is strong enough to block up to 95% of wind energy. Storm Smart’s hurricane screens are also see-through to allow you to see what’s happening outside your home while keeping you safe.

All of our screens offer a lifetime warranty and we have 4 different types of screens to fit your specific needs and decor considerations.

Strap & Buckle Screens

Storm Catcher Strap & Buckle Screens are easy to install. Straps can be looped through eye hooks or around columns and then strapped to the buckle. The straps and buckles are sewn into the mesh and cross-stitched to ensure an ironclad hold. The screens can cover nearly any opening eliminating the need to board up your home in advance of an upcoming hurricane.

Strap and Buckle Screens-Fort Worth-Dallas
Easy Hurricane Screens-Fort Worth-Dallas

Easy Screens

Easy screens are lightweight and as the name implies, easy to install. Simply slide the screen along a low-profile track at the top and fasten straps on the sides and bottom to enjoy superior protection from the elements.

Slide Screens

Storm Catcher sliding window screens are the easiest deployed of the series. Simply slide the mesh into low-profile tracks and secure in place with fasteners. Our sliding screens offer technologically advanced storm protection while allowing natural light to enter your home and giving you a clear view of the outside.

Sliding Window Screens-Fort Worth-Dallas
Roll-Down Hurricane Screens-Fort Worth-Dallas

Roll-Down Screens

Storm Catcher Roll-Down Screens are permanently installed. These screens are always ready for use to protect against storm damage or to provide shade and privacy to your home throughout the year. These can be operated manually or electronically for convenience.

Security Shutter & Screens is your Fort Worth / Dallas supplier for Storm Smart® Storm Catcher Screens. Please give us a call at (940) 727-1281 to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

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