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Security Shutter & Screens installs custom roll shutters throughout Plano, McKinney and Garland Texas as home security shutters, security doors, and storm shutters for windows, doors and other openings.

Whether it is a commercial, retail, residential, or storage application, our team of professionals is here to deliver the highest quality rolling doors and shutters that are reliable and secure while being aesthetically pleasing to the design of the project.

Our rolling security shutters can also be used in place of window guards and security bars for windows or sliding doors. Sliding patio doors are susceptible to burglary entry and the use of security shutters is a more attractive product than burglar bars or window bars, especially over sliding patio doors. Home security shutters are commonplace all over Europe and are rising in popularity within the United States to reduce the need for security bars for windows.

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Year Round Weather Protection

Protecting against impacts and all elements – including hail and sea water – our exterior shutters have every situation covered. Whether for protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays in the summer, or premium storm protection that can withstand wind of up to 73 mph, there’s no doubt that you’ll be prepared, come rain or shine

Security, Safety, and Well-Being

Our range of exterior window shutters not only protects against extreme weather conditions, but also against prying eyes and home invaders. Keep your home protected at all times, without compromising on comfort. With a simple control system, the roller shutters can be operated without any trouble – allowing you to create a night-time environment whenever you like.

Unique Design and Functionality

Nothing should be sacrificed when it comes to the appearance of your Texas home. No matter what color or style you choose, the premium quality aluminum and stainless steel options do not compromise on design. With varying degrees of gloss and an array of color nuances, our roller shutters are available in a variety of finishes and can be rolled up any time for a discreet appearance.

Keep Burglars Away From Your McKinney, Texas Home

Although crime statistics show a gradual decrease in the number of Texas home invasions, there are still 4 break-ins per minute. Unfortunately the success rate in solving these crimes is relatively low. However, it has been conclusively proven that Texas homes without security systems are much more likely to be burgled than those with some form of visible security protection. Prevention is therefore a must for homeowners. With rolling security shutters, you’ll ward off burglars or at least ensure that they give up discouraged. House shutters are durable and provide excellent quality. Our selection ranges from aluminum shutters to double-walled stainless steel – which ensures the utmost security!

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