Louvered Roof Systems

Alba is a louvered pergola fitted with aluminum blades that can rotate up to 150° using a wireless control to adjust light, ventilation, and protection from the elements. The rotation of the blades creates an environment that is particularly comfortable in all seasons, as by changing their angle you can control the sunlight and the degree of natural ventilation in the environment below, thereby adjusting the temperature.

louvered roof gutters - Dallas, Fort Worth TexasThis creates a custom microclimate to meet your needs, while with the blades fully closed the space below is protected from the weather. Corradi has combined this great practicality with its unmistakable sense of design and cutting-edge technical solutions, creating an elegant mix of functionality and style.

When completely closed, the roof is waterproof and a gutter system is integrated into the pillars for drainage. Blades are convex and meant to channel water toward the sides even when they are opened after a rainstorm.

Our louvered roof structure is made up of two different profiles: the front one, parallel to the blades, can contain a gutter system; the longitudinal one, perpendicular to the blades, is always provided with a gutter system and a drip guard that limits water dripping.

Our louvered patio cover shows great attention to quality, construction simplicity, flexibility of use and general functionality, all characteristics that Corradi has always been focused on. With a linear and timeless design, Alba suits all traditional as well as latest modern and contemporary architectural styles, and can be installed in different ways: self-supporting with four pillars, wall-mounted with front pillars, integrated or resting on existing rooms, without vertical pillars.

power comes from small motor in louvered patio cover
The louvered roof motor, fitted on the single longitudinal side, is housed inside a 5″x20″ weatherproof enclosure mounted on top of the structure. When blades are set to fully open position, they remain visible on the exterior side exceeding the total height by 3.75″.

To continue enjoying your outdoor space, even at night, you can choose LED lighting that can be fitted in the blades. Lights are fully dimmable to create the perfect atmosphere for every occasion.

Lighted patio cover Dallas TX louvered roof system

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