The Cost Of Exterior Roller Shutters

It is natural for homeowners to want to do everything they can to protect their homes. There are countless ways homeowners can invest in superior protection for their homes, including smart technology, sensors, security cameras, and alarm systems. It’s also possible to have physical upgrades installed to a home to enhance its physical security.
If you are thinking of ways to increase your home’s security, it’s important to understand how security shutters work and the benefits of installing exterior roller shutters for your home. When installed by professionals, these systems can help you keep your Dallas/Fort Worth home or business much safer, and you can have your security shutters installed with the control options you need to feel secure.

How Do Exterior Roller Shutters Work?

Exterior security shutters are coverings over each window and door of a home, protecting it from intrusion and physical damage until the homeowner opens the shutters. These shutters allow the owner to close off the entrances and windows at the touch of a button or flip of a switch, and the shutters do not impact the look and feel of the home or business’s interior.

Comparing the Costs of Manual and Automatic Shutters

Security shutters come in both manual and automatic configurations. If you want to have your security shutters ready to unroll and secure your home at a moment’s notice, then automatic security shutters are the way to go. These will cost about twice what manual shutters cost to install, but you will never need to worry about going to each and every individual window and door to roll down the shutters manually in the event of an emergency. If you only want to install security shutters to keep your home more secure while you’re traveling, then manual security shutters could be the more cost-effective option.

It is important to remember that if you decide to have security shutters installed on your property, the cost per window can be several hundred dollars easily, and well over $1,000 per window for more advanced automatic shutters. Doors can cost upwards of $1,000 for shutter installation as well, even for some manual rolling shutter systems.

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Installing Your New Security Shutters

If you are interested in installing security shutters in your Texas or Oklahoma home, it is essential to understand how your security shutter system works and what to expect from the installation process. Most security systems will feature automatic functions that require power, and your security shutters may need a dedicated service panel to function safely.
Exterior roller shutters can provide superior protection for any home from severe weather, as well as intrusion. While the installation process can be quite expensive depending on the material and features chosen, the security shutters will ultimately provide years of reliable protection. Consider your options carefully and choose our professional installation team at Security Shutter & Screens if you decide to have security shutters installed in your home.

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