Make Your Fort Worth Backyard Barbecue The Talk Of The Summer

The fabulous backyard barbecues that we all enjoy so much are some of the most-awaited events of the summer. Time spent with family and friends, the kids playing while the adults prepare the foods that soothe our stomachs and our souls, cocktails, and reminiscences as the sun sets—these are the affairs that form our best summer memories. But of course, you can’t let the summer go by without throwing a barbecue that will leave an impression on everyone who attends. Here are a few ways to be sure you’re throwing the best cookout of the 2020 season.

Fort Worth Texas backyard summer games

Entertainment for Everyone

Adults are relatively adept at keeping themselves entertained with conversation alone, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want a little extra fun. Be sure to have activities that the kids can enjoy while the grown-ups talk. Get everyone involved with games like cornhole and horseshoes—games parents and kids can both enjoy. As things wind down in the evening, have a few board games on hand for the children, as well as some adult-themed games like Cards Against Humanity for the adults.

Motorized patio, porch shades Fort Worth

Sheltered Areas

Your backyard party is likely to include people of all ages and interests. While some may love time in the sun, others may prefer to stay in the shade. Keep your patio protected with motorized outdoor shades, a feature that you will cherish for years to come. You can raise the outdoor shades at the touch of a button. These Fort Worth patio screens provide shade from the sun and a haven away from mosquitoes.

Outdoor Cooler

Ample Drink Options

Summer days require proper hydration. Be sure to have coolers or nearby refrigerators stocked with plenty of iced tea, lemonade, sodas, and juices for the kids and those who don’t choose to drink alcohol. For the livelier part of your crew, make sure that you have a few favorite beers and wines available. As far as spirits go, if you don’t keep a stocked bar, consider making an alcoholic punch or “house cocktail” for the day that can be made in bulk and served through a large beverage dispenser.

Outdoor Speakers

Tunes That Please

When you are planning your event, be sure to remember your barbecue playlist. If you are creating your list of songs, be sure to include a mix of loveable tunes that cover the generations that will be present at the party. You can also opt to use a platform like Pandora, Spotify, or iHeart Radio to choose your songs for you.

No matter what you come up with to make your Fort Worth barbecue the best, just remember that the important thing is the memories you are creating with friends, family, and neighbors. Consider reaching out this year and inviting that family down the street you haven’t gotten to know yet. You may just form a lifetime bond.

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