Everything You Need to Know About Solar Screens

Solar screens, or sun screens as they’re sometimes called, work just like normal screens, but better. Solar screens have become a bit of a game-changer in the world of patios, gazebos, and decks for several reasons.

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What Exactly Are Solar Screens?

Solar screens can be used for patios, doors, windows, and more and are an ideal replacement for your old porch screens. Our solar screens are a subset of our motorized screen line and are the perfect addition for your patio, deck, or gazebo. These sun-stopping units look very similar to a brand-new normal insect screen, without the wear and tear. Solar screens are fade-resistant and do not start looking old, thin, and worn like normal insect screens. Instead of developing a gray, faded, and thinning appearance, solar screens maintain their darker, slightly thicker, and more durable look and feel. While solar screens effectively stop insects from entering your home, they also block the sun’s harmful UV rays and prevent heat damage.

Do Solar Screens Really Work?

Let’s face it; few of us can remember to put on sunscreen, especially when we are lounging on the patio on a sunny day. Solar screens prevent 80% to 95% of the sun’s rays, depending on which type of screen you choose, making sunscreen a thing of the past. They are effective in preventing insects from entering, as well as protecting your skin from UV damage. Your patio furniture, electronics, and decking will also be protected from sun damage and bleaching. Solar screens can also add privacy because they function a bit like tinted windows. While they hardly disrupt vision lines when looking out, solar screens drastically limit visibility into your living space from the outside. Their privacy function makes solar screens the perfect blend of porch screen and patio shade.

Dallas Motorized Patio Shades

Solar Screens Are Good for the Environment

Along with these benefits, the shading and cooling effect of solar screens can reduce your carbon footprint. Keeping your patio cool in the hot summer months when the sun is in full force can use lots of energy. With solar screens shading and protecting the area, you can reduce your energy consumption and benefit the environment.

If you are interested in protecting your home (and you too) from the sun’s harmful rays, solar screens might be right for you. Schedule an appointment today or take a look through our site to learn more about our solar screens, retractable screens, and other patio upgrades.

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