The Best Manually Operated Retractable Shade System

Arion Shading Systems provide homeowners with classy, elegant shading for outdoor areas. The Arion system is a roller system perfect for all outdoor areas, including patio, garages, outdoor restaurants, and around hot tubs.

Manual Operated Patio, Porch Shades

Benefits of Arion Shading Systems

There are too many benefits of installation to list, but most clients cite the same reasons for choosing Arion Shades. The product is high-quality and creates a perfect environment for enjoying sunlight without the annoyances of the outdoors.

Reduced Temperature

Arion Shades are available indoors and outdoors, depending on the homeowner’s needs. Many clients install the system to reduce temperatures in the protected areas. Patios are a popular installation area, allowing for homeowners to enjoy the summer weather without becoming overheated. Indoor screens also reduce temperature, saving on energy costs. Most homes have one side of the house that receives the most sunlight, heating up the interior. Homeowners can avoid the temperature fluctuations with an Arion Shade system.

UV Ray Protection

If you don’t have energy efficient windows in your home, you probably have fading from UV rays. Floors, curtains, and furniture are all susceptible to fading from UV rays. Homes with this issue can replace the windows or install a more cost-effective measure with Arion Shades. The shades will protect the home’s interior from harmful UV rays. Shades outside the home also protect porch furniture and cement from sunlight. The most important part of protection from UV rays, especially for outdoors, is skin protection. Sitting outdoors enjoying the sunlight can be eventually cause skin cancer. Enjoy the sunlight without the harmful effects.

Ease of Use

The Arion Shades use a hand-crank or motor method and are available in a variety of sizes. The shade design is easy to use and available in three different crank options. Homeowners can choose between cable-guided, rod-guided, or free-hanging. Shades are so easy to open and close, children can easily do it.


Privacy is important in neighborhood settings. If your homes are close together, adding an Arion Shade can be a good option to ensure your family’s privacy. Many homeowners use the shades to block sunlight and the view of neighbors. Homeowners with hot tubs often add Arion shades around the tub for better privacy.


Our products are over-sized luxury rolling shades, available in widths up to 16 feet. Before releasing our new Arion oversized shades, homeowners found it impossible to find large roller shades. Those wanting roller shades saw product size limitations past ten feet. Our large roller systems are perfect for patios, pergolas, or other large areas needing shade. Clients with sunrooms enjoy the width of the shades and sometime only require one to shade their interior.

Manually Operated Dallas Patio Shades

The Arion Shading system is available in a variety of sizes. If you require shade for the summer months or desire privacy from neighbors, consider the Arion luxury patio shade system. The shades are sleek in design and will add value to your home. The ease of use and long life of these retractable patio shades will make the shades one of the best investments you can make for your home.

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