Why You Should Motorize Your Exterior Screens

Motorized exterior screens provide shade, insect protection and increased privacy to your porch, patio, deck, windows and other exterior openings.

Keep Your Outdoor Space Cool

Each time the sun sensor detects a sharp rise in temperature, your exterior screens will lower automatically to maintain an optimal temperature inside your home.

Sun protection for Dallas, Texas home

Protection From Insects

When night falls and your lights come on, schedule your motorized screens to lower, protecting you from insects.

motorized retractable screens Dallas, TX night time

Extend The Lifespan of Your Screens

Thanks to the smart detection system, the motor rises when objects are detected to protect your loved ones, the screen and your belongings from damage.

MyLink: The App That Controls Your Screens Remotely!

Click & Go

With the Somfy myLink app, lower your exterior screens with your smart phone!


Create Your Own Scenes

Create your own scenes and schedules to suit your lifestyle. Once programmed, a smartphone and myLink is all you'll need to play them.


Timed Events That Fit Your Schedule

Schedule scenes to automate motorized applications on a seven-day schedule so you can effortlessly enjoy their many benefits.

Somfy Motors MyLink for motorized retractable screens Dallas, TX



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