Choosing the Right Security Screens for Your Dallas Home

Your family’s safety is your highest priority, so ensuring your home is secure from the threat of unwanted guests should be your first line of defense. Installing security screens for your doors and windows is an easy, affordable, high-impact way to protect those you love the most. Our formidable security screens are engineered for maximum security, forming a comprehensive barrier against unwelcome visitors with possibly criminal intentions. Security screens provide you with lasting peace of mind, meaning your family will feel safe when you’re away from home and allowing you to sleep easier when you’re there.

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Security Screens for Doors and Windows

Our industry-leading security screens are custom made to safeguard all sizes and styles of doors and windows, even those that may not be completely square. We customize our security screens to your specific requirements, guaranteeing the perfect fit for every door and window in your Texas home. Our security screens can accommodate hinged doors, single and double sliding doors, French doors, bi-fold doors, and stacking doors, as well as fixed windows, hinged windows, and single, double, and triple sliding windows. We also offer our patented Safe-S-Capes for windows at ground level and near fire exits, a keyless exit allowing you to escape quickly in the event of an emergency.

Bi-Fold Security Screen Doors Dallas, Texas

In addition to shielding your home from potential invaders, our security screens offer a variety of supplementary lifestyle benefits. They permit uninterrupted airflow, allowing your home to maintain a cool temperature in the warmer months and consequently saving you money on your air conditioning bills. While allowing comfortable breezes, security screens create a substantial barrier against hailstones, ice, and various forms of wind-blown debris that can bombard your home during storms. They also prevent annoying insects from plaguing your home, decreasing your chances of being bitten and catching any number of insect-borne diseases.

Not only do our security screens provide the ultimate level of Dallas, Texas home defense, they also look good doing it. Other security systems don’t employ unattractive bars or grills, obscuring your views of the outdoors and provoking feelings of prison-like confinement. Unlike these outdated systems that detract from your home’s overall appearance, our Dallas security screens are tasteful, providing a uniform, seamless look. Enjoy the sunshine and fresh air with complete protection.

Tips for Choosing the Right Screens

  • Consider Your Neighborhood: The crime rate in your neighborhood greatly dictates the level of security you’ll feel is necessary for your home. Areas with frequent break-ins and burglaries will require tougher and more thorough protection, while areas with low rates of these types of crimes may only need the minimum amount of security.
  • Determine Your Needs: If you have pets, avoid using pet doors as they provide an easy means of access by intruders. If you have children, security screens can prevent them from easily wandering off. Installing screens on second story windows can also significantly reduce the risk of accidental falls. If you possess a number of valuable items, higher levels of security are recommended to deter potential intruders.
  • Evaluate Materials: Aluminum and steel are the best options for security screens as they are durable, hard-wearing, and long-lasting. Aluminum frames are more expensive and less prone to corrosion, while steel tends to be stronger. The corners of the frame should be mitered to increase strength, and the mounts should be resilient enough to withstand break-ins.

Whether you live in an Dallas apartment or a house, in a quiet suburb or the bustling city, your home can become your fortress with the simple, affordable installation of Dallas security screens on your doors and windows. Protect your family, your valuables, and your peace of mind with quality security screens. Call Security Shutter & Screens today @ (940) 727-1281 or schedule an appointment to get started right away.

Security screen doors and windows for your Dallas home.

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