Security & Storm Protection For Your Dallas/Fort Worth Home

Roller shutters provide security by acting as a great deterrent and a security device for your home. Dallas roller shutters are designed to take on heavy blows, thereby keeping your home or commercial property safe.

With ever-increasing aesthetic and architectural demands on homes today, glass and window features are more important than ever before. Such features, however, are often the weakest defense against storms, heat, cold, burglary, and noise. Our rolling shutters are the perfect solution! Whether you’re looking for flush-mounted roller shutters to be installed during construction or front-mounted roller shutters for existing houses, we’ve got a range of options for you.

Dallas Rolling Security Shutters Explained

Why Makes Our Roll Shutters Outstanding?

Protection for Your Dallas/Fort Worth Home

Our security shutters offer premium protection for your home. They are available up to resistance class 2 and 3, which means that they are built to withstand a typical intruder for 5 minutes per attack point, in which time any burglar will give up. The shutters make it almost impossible for burglars to enter your home unnoticed.

Enjoy your Privacy

Beyond protecting against intruders and unwanted attention, window shutters guarantee a relaxed, cozy and comfortable atmosphere inside. Within the privacy of your own home, you can enjoy the noise reduction quality of the Dallas security shutters, as well as the individual control system for the light slits – allowing you to control just how much light you let in.

Automation and Control

With an advanced control system, our security shutters can simulate your presence and allow you to preset certain scenarios, thus tricking observers into thinking you’re at home. This function also affords you the freedom of closing the shutters while on-the-go – in case you or the family forget.

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